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Good private customer service is also a question of style

We have been advising private investors since 1863. While a great deal has changed in the course of time, some things have thankfully always stayed the same: As a banking house with a long tradition, we remain committed to the values of trust, individuality and independence.

Our private customer advisers are specialists with many years of professional experience in the management of securities. We know our customers personally as each of our customer advisers deals with only a limited number of clients. This means you can always expect top-quality advice and a high level of continuity in the handling of your affairs.

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Axel Kammeyer


Mr Axel Kammeyer
Head of Private Banking

+49 (0) 421 . 36 84-316

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Jörg Baumhöfner


Mr Jörg Baumhöfner
Relationship manager

+49 (0) 421 . 36 84-313

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Jörg Schreiber


Mr Jörg Schreiber
Relationship manager

+49 (0) 421 . 36 84-344

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Portfolio management

"Our objective is not just to administer your assets but to make them grow."

You don’t want to have to make every investment decision yourself? That’s quite understandable. And one of the main foundations of our work. We manage your portfolio through our securities specialists in Bremen and keep you informed of how your assets stand through half-yearly status reports. This ensures you have all key information at your disposal and so can obtain an overview at any time.

Classical portfolio management for sums of €250,000 and more

  • Investment strategy alternatives: defensive – balanced – dynamic
  • Broad choice of products with no corporate stipulations (shares/stocks, bonds, certificates and funds)
  • Available at short notice

Fund management for sums of €250,000 or more

  • Investment strategy alternatives: defensive - balanced - dynamic
  • Objective choice of funds with no corporate stipulations
  • Reduced front-end loading
  • Available at short notice

USA portfolio shares

Our company has specialised in the US stock market for many years. The USA is a global leader in terms of size, professionalism, transparency and equity culture. We have been offering a special selection list of shares from various sectors of the US stock market with excellent growth and price potential for the next 12 months - USA portfolio shares (USA Portfolio Aktien) - since 1996, in cooperation with the renowned US brokerage firm Raymond James. Our clients invest sums here starting at US$150,000 under an asset management mandate.

Investment advice

"Investing money is like planning a holiday: You need to know how much time you have and what you actually want, obtain information and advice, compare offers and then decide. After all, not everyone dreams of the same island."

You already have experience in asset investment and wish to take your investment decisions yourself and/or discuss them with a competent adviser? If so: With us, you have come to the right people. Our investment advice is professional in every way, flexible, and geared specifically to your needs. That is because in this area there are no patent, one-size-fits-all recipes. Our experience and creativity play a crucial role in achieving successful results.

Your benefits

  • We offer complete independence in the choice of the investment products.
  • Our offers are free of product stipulations or overriding corporate interests of any kind.
  • We are able to develop investment concepts for every personal situation.


There are many different motives, and also ways, for people to tie up their assets to goals and causes that are dear to their hearts. We will be delighted to assist and accompany you in putting your ideas into practice, thanks to our independent Asset Management capabilities.